Training Workshops

Training People to Excel

All of our workshops are customized for the participants. For information on our workshop methodology, click here. Additional workshops are available upon request. Workshop content may be combined or modularized at the client’s request. These workshops listed below are representative of those we have presented to previous clients.

Anger Management Skills Workshop

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ We would add a third item to his list: anger. Controlling and limiting anger is important in every aspect of one’s life. Without control you are putting limits on what you can accomplish in your personal and professional life.

Anger can be an incredibly damaging force, costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. However, since everyone experiences anger, it is important to have constructive approaches to manage it effectively. This Anger Management Skills workshop will help teach participants how to identify their anger triggers and what to dov when they get angry.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand anger dynamics in terms of the anger cycle and the fight or flight response
  • Know common anger myths and their factual refutations
  • Know the helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
  • Understand the difference between objective and subjective language
  • Know tips in identifying the problem
  • Express a feeling or position using I-messages
  • Negotiation and solution-building
  • Reflect on one’s hot buttons and personal anger dynamics
  • Learn and practice de-escalation techniques

Critical Thinking Skills Workshop

We live in a knowledge based society, and the more critical you think the better your knowledge will be. Critical Thinking provides you with the skills to analyze and evaluate information so that you are able to obtain the greatest amount of knowledge from it. It provides the best chance of making the correct decision, and minimizes damages if a mistake does occur.

Critical Thinking will lead to being a more rational and disciplined thinker. It will reduce your prejudice and bias which will provide you a better understanding of your environment. This workshop will provide you the skills to evaluate, identify, and distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. It will lead you to be more productive in your career, and provide a great skill in your everyday life.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the components of critical thinking
  • Utilize non-linear thinking
  • Use logical thinking
  • Recognize what it means to be a critical thinker
  • Evaluate information using critical thinking skills
  • Identify the benefits of critical thinking
  • Revise perspective, when necessary
  • Comprehend problem solving abilities

Coaching and On-Line Services Workshop

We provide a range of coaching services that includes life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, and self development for individual growth and awareness. Enjoy the benefits of being privately coached in your own home or office with no hassle of travel and scheduling.

Dealing with Difficult People Workshop

Dealing with Difficult People is designed to focus on the process of addressing the needs of professionals in a manner that improves morale and productivity in support of organizational and individual goals and objectives. While no one is able to change anyone else’s behavior but their own, our workshop participants learn proven effective strategies for enhancing their own professional and personal effectiveness. In our work with Federal agencies and departments during the past 25 years, we have observed persistent individual and organizational behavior patterns which frequently work to the detriment of productive and harmonious work relationships. Specific changes are essential to enhance, encourage, and empower individuals to maximize use of their talents, skills, and experiences in support of the organization’s mission and culture. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn and apply new skills for coping with a variety of different styles in a variety of different situations, and is designed for individuals who want to interact assertively when such behavior is necessary.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Interact more assertively
  • Assess their own personality and behavior styles as related to assertiveness
  • Deal effectively with criticism
  • Recognize conflict-inducing behaviors
  • Utilize a six-step technique to develop assertive responses
  • Identify the eight types of difficult people
  • Identify assertive strategies

Instructional Systems Design Study Workshop

Instructional Systems Design Study is a self-paced, coaching and on-line course. This course covers all phases of the ISD process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). It is best for participants to attend with a real-time ISD project to complete. Participants can enroll throughout the year at convenient times around their work schedules.

Managing Time Workshop

Managing Time is a specialized workshop which acknowledges that time is a unique resource in that it cannot be accumulated, stockpiled, made retroactive, or drawn on account. Each of us has the same amount of time, and each of us has all there is of it. And each of us spends it at a fixed rate. The problem associated with time management is not time, per se; the problem lies within us. Experience shows that managers are aware of the significance of time and recognize that it must be used with utmost discretion. Because of this, managers want to maximize their investment of time. This workshop is designed not just to help participants do more work in less time. Rather, it will help the participants to use their time to achieve more visible, far-reaching results. Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize our most common time management assumptions
  • Identify how time is used by keeping and analyzing a personal time log
  • Recognize activities that are “Time Wasters”
  • Recognize activities that are “Time Savers”
  • Develop an awareness of present activities in relationship to “Time Wasters” and “Time Savers”
  • Develop an action plan reflecting individual goals and priorities
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts between planned priorities and urgent, last minute tasks through the use of “organizational rules of the road”

Managing Workplace Anxiety Workshop

The workplace is one of the leading locations where people experience stress and anxiety. Every employee will encounter it sometime during their career. Everyone should be aware of the signs of anxiety and the tools needed to cope and deal with it. Our Managing Workplace Anxiety workshop will provide participants the important skills and resources to recognize and manage workplace anxiety. By identifying these symptoms and coping skills employees and managers will be better suited in dealing with these common situations. Through this workshop, participants will be better suited to the challenges that the workplace can bring.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Explore different types of workplace anxieties
  • Learn to recognize symptoms and warning signs
  • Determine ways of coping and managing problems
  • Recognize common triggers and accelerants
  • Learn the difference between anxiety and common nervousness

Personal Productivity Workshop

Most people find that they wish they had more time in a day. This workshop will show participants how to organize their lives and find those hidden moments. Participants will learn how to establish routines, set goals, create an efficient environment, and use time-honored planning and organizational tools to maximize their personal productivity.

Personal Productivity is a goal most of us have. Through this workshop participants will be on the right track in achieving that goal. Some people blame everything that goes wrong in their life on something or someone else, but through this workshop participants will take ownership and begin to lead a more productive life.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Set and evaluate SMART goals
  • Use routines to maximize their productivity
  • Use scheduling tools to make the most of their time
  • Stay on top of their to-do list
  • Start new tasks and projects on the right foot
  • Use basic project management techniques
  • Organize their physical and virtual workspaces for maximum efficiency
  • Take back time from e-mail and handheld devices
  • Beat procrastination

Stress Management Workshop

Positive and negative stress is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive stress and to minimize the negative stress. Workshop participants will be shown how stress can be positive and negative, and we’ll look at the Triple A approach that will form the basis of this workshop.

The Stress Management workshop will give participants a three-option method for addressing any stressful situation, as well as a toolbox of personal skills, including using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress log system. They will also understand what lifestyle elements they can change to reduce stress.

Upon completion of this workshop attendees will:

  • Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept)
  • Understand what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress
  • Use routines to reduce stress
  • Use environmental and physical relaxation techniques
  • Better cope with major events
  • Use a stress log to identify stressors and create a plan to reduce or eliminate them

Work-Life Balance Workshop: Keeping it Together

Having a balance between work and home life can be a challenge. With this challenge come great rewards when it is done successfully. By balancing a career with home life it will provide benefits in each environment. You will become healthier, mentally and physically, and you will be able to produce more career-wise.

With a Work-Life Balance you will be managing your time better. Better time management will benefit all aspects of life; you will be working less and producing more. This workshop will show how to focus on the important things, set accurate and achievable goals, and communicate better with your peers at work and your family at home.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Explain the benefits of work life balance
  • Recognize the signs of an unbalanced life
  • Identify employer resources for a balanced lifestyle
  • Improve time management and goal setting
  • Use the most effective work methods for you
  • Create balance at work and at home
  • Manage stress