Who We Are

Helping organizations and teams find their way

Executive Leadership Skills International uses a simple 4-step process

How We Do It

We are a full service Organization Development (OD) consulting and training firm. Our business is about helping organizations and teams find their way through these turbulent times, and we do it in a straightforward, no-nonsense, cost-effective manner.

Using a profoundly simple, 4-step model for increasing organizational effectiveness, we help organizations, of any size, identify blockages which prevent them from achieving what they want to achieve, and then we show them how, and help them, to improve. It’s this easy:

The objective of the assessment is to “set the gap”: determine where the client wants to be in the future and find out where the client is now. Using questionnaires, surveys, historical reports and records, individual and group interviews, and observations, we gather information about the organization based on the concerns of the client. This generation and collection of data creates a realistic base of information for organizational diagnosis, and facilitates both the identification of problems and the process of change. Organizational members are able to share their ideas about organizational processes and performance, and you receive an understanding of the current function of the organization and of the areas and alternatives for potential change.

Based on the results of the assessment, we work together with the client to plan what actions should be taken to resolve or reduce problem areas.

As a result of this planning, the client initiates those actions that will produce the desired changes. These changes might be nothing more than a change in the way the offices are arranged, or they may include such things as a workshop on team building, communications skills, techniques for conducting more productive meetings, etc.

This phase is critical toward evaluating the effects, good or bad, of the previous phases. The follow-up includes appropriate actions to rectify something that happened or didn’t happen due to the previous three phases. Follow-up may well lead to a new assessment, thereby making the process systematic and long-term.

What Executive Leadership Skills International offers is the opportunity to determine the “Present State” health of your organization in such a way as to aid you in your planning and decision-making processes. Our approach is such that the results can be communicated directly to those involved with organizational change; it links organizational strategies, values, and processes and makes explicit the relationships among them; and, our focus is on the total organization and its sub-elements.

If you are interested in having your questions about your organization answered for you, and you want to deepen your individual and organizational learning, please call or email us to arrange an appointment to discuss the tremendous possibilities and advantages that await you.